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Oar-Gee Lures

In 1985 Oar-Gee Lures was born from a lack of good lures for Australian Native fish.

The Mighty Murray Cod is native to Australia and requires lures that have a wide action, depth and most importantly strength. These attributes are rarely found in imported lures so we decided to start making our own.

From those humble beginnings Oar-Gee Lures is now one of Australia’s best known lure brands, manufacturing a range of lures to suit freshwater and saltwater species including the mighty Barramundi. All our lure range is manufactured in Australia and we are proud to be 100% Australian made and owned.

Oar-Gee Lures are made by fishermen for fishermen, with a life time of fishing and 25 years manufacturing combined to give all anglers the same results as we expect from our lures when we go fishing. Oar-Gee Lures has been the dominant Murray Cod lure for more than a decade with the Plow series of lures, and with the 2008 release of the 100mm Plow it is now the flagship of the range.

Being the premier lure brand means keeping up with technology and manufacturing process to deliver the absolute best lures in Australia.

We consider our lures to be the best and “if it’s not Oar-Gee you’re not serious”



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