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Oar-Gee Threatened Species Lure Series

OAR-GEE Threatened Species Lures

In conjunction with NSW Fisheries, Oar-Gee Lures have developed a series of lures representing 4 of our endangered or threatened species of native fish.

The purpose of the lures is to raise awareness of the endangered species by painting the lures as close as possible to the original colours and markings of the individual species. Each lure will have a brochure with photos of each of the 4 species of threatened fish and information on each of those species.

All profits from the manufacture of the threatened species lures will be donated back to NSW Fisheries Conservation Trust by Oar-gee Lures to further enhance the excellent work done to help protect these threatened and endangered species.

This initiative and Oar-Gee Lures continued support of the tagging programs in NSW, Victoria and South Australia for Murray Cod, Yellow Belly (Callop) Bass and Carp and Sponsorship of the Kids Fishing Clinics run by NSW Fisheries is Oar-Gee Lures commitment to the future of our native species and recreational fishing.

Buying a Threatened Species Lure will be your individual way of contributing to the future survival of these native fish.

Oar-Gee Threatened Species Lure Series

Oar-Gee's Threatened Species Lures

The 4 lures - Trout Cod, Macquarie Perch, Purple Spotted Gudgeon & Southern Pygmy Perch were designed capturing the colours & markings of these 4 threatened fish species.


With profits of each lure sale going back to help protect these fish. Own a piece of Australian Fishing Lure history. We have very limited stock left.

Please contact our store (02) 69214313 if you would like to secure your set, or have further inquiries.  

Lure Kit Includes- 

1x Oar-Gee TS 75mm Plow 4.5mt - Trout Cod

1x Oar-Gee TS Shad 3.6mt- Macquarie Perch

1X Oar-Gee TS Wee-Pee 12ft- Purple Spotted Gudgeon

1x Oar-Gee TS Pee-Wee 12ft- Southern Pygmy Perch

* As well as a Information booklet on the Threatened Species Lures