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The Locals - Making Mozzies History

Concerned by the toxic effect of chemical repellents was enough to inspire one Point Samson local in Western Australia to come up with a natural alternative.

Originally created to protect her family, this aromatherapy based and non toxic, deet free lotion proved so effective she was inundated with requests from friends and decided to make "the locals sandfly and mozzie stuff" commercially available for all.

Renowned by its users for its amazing effects in both deterring and healing insect bites makes it's no surprise that the locals sandfly & mozzie stuff has fast become a major contender against many other leading brands of insect repellent.

What makes it so special?

Its pleasant aromatherapy scent creates an effective barrier against landing insects, whilst the fine molecules of the essential oils are absorbed into the blood stream where they immediately set to work on assisting any allergic reaction to bites, stimulating tissue repair and acting as protection from infection.

Continued use of The Locals “Sandfly and Mozzie Stuff” can assist to build up the body’s own viral immunity against those potentially dangerous viruses such as Ross River and Bamah Forest.