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Okuma Plastic Rod Rack

'Okuma Plastic Rod Rack'

Okuma’s famous plastic rod racks are the perfect idea for anglers wanting to tidy their layout of combos. Available in kit form these rod racks take only a few minutes to assemble and hey-presto, an instant space maker! Versatility was on the mind of the manufacturer when designing this product, the stands can be erected in numerous designs and positions making placement a breeze; bolt them to a wall; stand them free in the middle of the room, or; stack them on top of each other. The Okuma Rod Rack also makes an excellent gift especially for messy fishos who need to get organised.


  • Protect your tackle and sporting equipment investments
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient storage of fishing rod
  • Organise sporting goods: Clubs, bats, hockey sticks, pool cues.
  • Store garden tools and brooms
  • Easy to assemble two sided utility rod rack
  • Combine for a free standing 2-sided rack
         or separate for two flush mounted wall racks