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Have your say on proposed changes to fishing rules

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Have your say on proposed changes to fishing rules

The community is invited to provide feedback on options to change a range of recreational fishing rules in NSW, including bag limits, size limits and fishing methods.

Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Director Recreational & Indigenous Fisheries, Peter Turnell, said a discussion paper has now been released for public exhibition.

“Anyone with an interest in our aquatic resources now has the opportunity to comment on options for changes to current fishing rules,” Mr Turnell said.

“The options in this paper have been developed based on community feedback made to the NSW Government since the last review of fishing rules completed in 2007, the latest information relating to our fish stocks, as well as advice from expert anglers.

“The periodic review of fishing rules is essential to ensure our fisheries are harvested at sustainable levels and make sure the rules are easy to understand.”

Discussion papers and submission forms are widely available at most bait and tackle shops and fisheries offices throughout NSW. Copies of the paper can also be found online at

Mr Turnell said the NSW Government is committed to providing an opportunity for everyone to have their say on the proposed management arrangements.

“Recreational fishing is one of this State’s most popular past times, with an estimated 14% of the population in NSW throwing a line in each year,” Mr Turnell said.

“Given the popularity of recreational fishing, it is important that we get feedback from as many individuals and groups as possible before making any decisions on changes to recreational fishing rules.

“It is easy to make a submission on the various options via the online submission form or by post, email or fax.”

Submissions to the discussion paper close on 31 July 2013.

To find out more about the fishing review go to the DPI fishing rules review web page or follow the links from