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Northern Victoria Fishing Report

22 Apr 2016 10:39 PM - Supplied by Compleat Angler Albury
G’day fisho’s!!
What an unbelievable cod season we’ve been having so far!! Cod numbers seem to be as good as they ever have been in most people’s living memory and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon!!
Fisho’s are taking up chasing Murray Cod and catching as many in a week as a lot of us older blokes would catch in a year back 25 or 30 years.
It’s fantastic to see!!
The Murray around Albury itself is a great example.
Just about anyone that wants to put a little time in, fish the right areas and use the right gear is just about guaranteed a cod at the moment and a boat isn’t a necessity!
Plenty of cod are being both angled on bait and spun from the bank.
It’s basically a matter of finding a likely looking bit of water and having a go.
What’s a likely looking bit of water you say??
Cod love cover, any sort of cover or structure. This gives them protection from predators and also attracts other aquatic insects and fish that are looking for exactly the same thing, food and protection.
With this in mind most successful cod fisho’s will cast lures and baits as close to that cover as they’re game, or sometimes fishing in it!
The fish live in there so that’s the most likely spot for you to get a bite??
Fishing’s full of theories and contradictions though, sometimes the old cod goes out for a bit of a stroll around the place to see who’s about and what sort of tucker might be in his neighborhood.
This sort of thing can happen anytime, particularly during the night or early and late in the day, when just about all living things are more active so you don’t necessarily have to be right in amongst all those snags all the time although it will generally give you your best chance of success.
I always look for a snaggy bit of water with a bit of depth. If your fishing bait drops your yabbie, bardie or cheese into a likely looking gap in the timber and make sure you stay close to the rod and have that drag pretty firm! You don’t want ‘em dragging you straight into the timber!!
Same snag with a lure? My first choice would be a spinnerbait. Cast the lure just past the snag if possible and let it sink. Wait for it to hit the bottom the retrieve it as slow as you can.
You’ll find the spinnerbait bumps over snags really well and using this technique you’re getting right amongst where those bad boys lay.
Same snag with a surface lure? Preferably you’d be using that surface lure at those active times we mentioned, early, late or at night.
I prefer to let the lure sit for a second or three after I’ve cast, retrieve for a meter, pause then slowly retrieve. You can vary retrieve speeds or the amount of times you pause to suit yourself.
One of our Compleat angler customers picked up 9 cod in 2 sessions using surface lures last weekend.
He was fishing less than 6 km from the Albury PO!!
Anyhow, good fish’n!!

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At A Glance
Dartmouth----was a bit patchy last weekend. Your best bet is still to fish deep although a few are still being caught on top. Fenders and scrubbies also doing well.
Streams ---are all looking low and clear. See if you can catch a cricket or two and drift them downstream for best results in these conditions. Scrubbies will also work well.
Lake Hume---is really no different to last week. Things are reasonably slow unless your one of the lucky ones that happen to drop onto them! The odd cod and yella being trolled.
Murray River----above and below the weir fishing pretty well. Good numbers of cod but be prepared to wade through a few smaller ones to get to a keeper. The odd whopper being caught on both bait and lure.
Mulwala ----was on the quiet side for most over the past week.
Blowering---- was pretty much the same, odd fish but hard work
Burrinjuck---- is a little better with yellas in particular having a bit of a go, mainly on shrimp. The cod have been tougher but a couple of belters have been picked up trolling at night with lures 100mm plus.
Lake Albert---in Wagga is going gangbusters by all reports. They’re trolling good numbers of both yellas and cod on custom crafted lures, with fish sticks and small hammerheads doing the best.
The Bidgee----through Wagga and beyond is also fishing great. Spinnerbaits during the day, surface lures evening and night and bait anytime!!
Snowy Lakes--- Tantangara is the best of them at the minute, mainly trolling small minnows. Eucumbene and Jindabyne are not too bad but will improve as the water rises, whenever that is, and it cools down a bit more.